Jewelry Care

Sterling Silver

  • Over time, silver naturally tarnishes with the moisture in the air. However, no biggie! The good news is you can wipe it off! Simply, clean it with a soft polishing cloth.
  • Avoid cleaning areas of the silver jewelry that are purposely oxidized, etched, or stamped. Also, avoid exposing these purposely darkened areas to lotions and chemicals.
Gold Filled
  • Clean gold filled jewelry with water and a small drop of dish soap. Then, dry the jewelry.


  • Bronze will naturally tarnish and wear. Once the bronze wears, you cannot reverse it. Prolong the process by taking care of your jewelry and by avoiding exposure to water, lotion, and chemicals.

Gold Plate

  • Gold plate will eventually wear to show the metal underneath. It is made more for the appearance rather than longevity. Prolong the process by taking good care of your gold plated jewelry and avoiding exposure to water, lotion, and chemicals. 

General Care

  • Avoid wearing jewelry in the shower, pools, ocean, while exercising, and when wearing perfumes/lotions as the jewelry can discolor.
  • While sleeping or when you're not wearing the jewelry, store it neatly in a box.
  • Avoid putting items on top of the jewelry when storing it so it doesn't get bent.


Q: How can I keep my sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing?

A: Since it is a natural process, don't be concerned about the silver tarnishing. However, areas with higher humidity are prone to quicker tarnish, so try to keep it in a dry spot.

Q: Why do your 18k gold plated over sterling items say they contain nickel?

A: The nickel is in-between the sterling and the gold plate to help the sterling from coming through. If you are concerned about nickel allergies, refrain from purchasing the gold plated items.

Q: What is gold filled?

A: Gold filled is an economic alternative to gold. It is a layer of actual gold bonded to a base metal. Gold plate is thinner and more prone to wear compared to gold filled jewelry. Gold fill is more durable. However, keep it away from chemicals because sometimes jewelry can react.

Q: What gives rose gold its color?

A: Rose gold filled and/or plate has copper mixed in, which gives it its rose color. If you are allergic to copper, refrain from rose gold plated or filled jewelry. 

If you have any questions, please email and we will get back to you soon! :)